10 Essential Oils for Wellbeing

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Health & Wellbeing

Oils have been used for centuries to enhance yoga practice, meditation and emotional wellbeing. The harmonising effects include stimulating the mind, reducing stress, cleaning the air, aiding breathing techniques, and improving energy flow. So, let’s take a look at 10 essentials oils to add to your collection.

  1. Lavender Oil

One of the most popular scents, this oil is derived from fresh lavender flowers. It aids in boosting sleep quality, improving concentration, reducing anxiety, and increasing positive moods. Add it to a soothing bath, or place a few drops on your pillow for a sound night’s slumber.

  1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is instantly enlivening, so it’s perfect for jump-starting your energy levels. It’s also known to combat nausea, headaches, and even muscle pains. Mix it with a carrier oil (jojoba’s a good one), and apply to sore muscles as a cool, soothing balm.

  1. Frankincense Oil

Used in ancient times for medicinal, aromatic and spiritual purposes, frankincense oil is woody, earthy and sweet. Thanks to its grounding qualities, the oil relieves stress, invites calm, and promotes relaxation. Pop a few drops in a diffuser while meditating or relaxing.

  1. Rose Oil

Rose oil is much more than a pleasing scent. Its antidepressant properties boost self-esteem and mental strength, so it’s a good one to wear daily on your wrists or neck. You can also put a few drops in an organic lotion or carrier oil for your skin, taking full advantage of its antibacterial properties.

  1. Jasmine Oil

Jasmine is uplifting, warm and soothing, and even helps your respiratory system fight coughs and colds. It also boasts a stimulating effect, which increases alertness and promotes wellbeing during yoga practice.

  1. Cedar Wood Oil

Historically, Native Americans used cedar wood to communicate with spirits and heal wounds. It’s said to stimulate the limbic region of the brain, which acts as the emotional centre. Add some to a carrier oil, and apply to the back of your neck for balance and peace.

  1. Geranium Oil

With its citrusy fresh aroma, geranium oil works to instantly relieve tiredness, stress and negative emotions. Just the ticket to enhance your energy flow during yoga practice.

  1. Neroli Oil

Made from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, Neroli oil is both floral and spicy. The unique scent brings out a sense of hopefulness, so it’s often used as a natural anti-depressant. Add a bit to your massage oil to experience peace and sensuality.

  1. Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood is used throughout India for meditation and yoga, instilling the user with a renewed sense of calm, focus, and mental clarity. You can also add it to a cloth and inhale, which wards off respiratory illness and fights symptoms of coughs and colds.

  1. Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang ylang is famous as a key ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics, but the health benefits outweigh even its formidable romantic powers. This stuff mingles with your brain’s olfactory system, lifting your mood by decreasing stress and anger. It’s often used to treat insomnia, increase awareness, and promote inner harmony.

Whoever you are and whatever you’re up to, there’s an oil out there for you. Use them in your home, diffuse them during yoga practice, or dab them on your skin for a daily dose of peace and wellbeing.

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