Introducing the Enviro Hero

by | Jun 23, 2019 | Community, Health & Wellbeing, Wisdom

In our endeavour to build awareness of our planet and it’s now fragile eco-system – also for us to have some fun, we are introducing the monthly  ‘Enviro Hero’.

Every time you come to class on foot, or by public transport, bicycle, or magically ‘beaming’ yourself over, give yourself a pat on the back! Then mark your visit on the list, which is hanging up at the yoga shala. The student with the highest number of environmentally friendly journeys to yoga per month will become the ENVIRO HERO OF THE MONTH!… and as a reward we might allow them to do an extra five handstands 😉

They will be mentioned in coming newsletters, together with the answers to four questions pertaining to their personal yoga journey (if they wish to participate in the Q&A).

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